Yesterday my brother sent me these ads in an email. I have no idea which agency is responsible, but kudos to them. I love it!
This clever Colgate campaign promotes their dental floss using a human truth…

The copy reads: “Not even that six fingered hand gets more attention than a mouth without care”

The copy reads: “Not even that extra hand gets more attention than a mouth without care”

The copy reads: “Not even that missing ear gets more attention than a mouth without care”



So when I get bogged down with work that’s, um – just a “money maker” and less inspiring – it’s important for me to get inspired and realise that the most seemingly mundane product or service CAN ALWAYS be depicted in a creative way.

Today, being one of those days, I searched for a little eye-candy.

These ads were done by Y&R South Africa. Quite clever

“Every one has the right to be informed. Support us: rsf.org”
By McCann, Berlin, Germany


This was done by an advertising school. Escola Cuca, Sao Paulo, Brazil














This next one I just liked in terms of clear and uncluttered communication.
Done by Big Communications, UK





















Now, a little more inspired, I’m ready to CREATE!


In December, while camping with my family in Pennington (AKA the “Kempton Park” of the South Coast, I had one or my recurring Milky Lane waffle urges. These urges can ONLY be satisfied by the unique Milky-Lane crispy Bar-One and banana waffle (with extra Bar-One sauce), eaten while seated in the familiar red diner interior.

So off I went to the Pennington Mall. Milky Lane was there, or I think it was? The distinctive red sign was on the shopfront, the interior was as to be expected, but the menus were blue? and the waitress’s apron looked like she popped out the 60’s…

I was confused. My confusion continued on my return to Jo’burg. Some stores exhibiting blue 60’s-style menu boards, others not.  It seems all the stores are going through a snail’s pace re-brand. In my opinion, this new direction is creating confusion in the mind of the customer.Are you re-branding or aren’t you?

Asking the question; “How much is going to change? And how soon?” and the biggest question… “WHY?”

I quote their current website “check back soon!”