Team JAWziYour chapter in the history book

Some would say that we are living a chapter in a history book. How would you choose to tell your story?

Our world is in flux, presenting challenges at every turn, many organisations are taking hard knocks resulting in a downward spiral – livelihoods of employees are being affected and businesses are closing. Living day to day at the mercy of uncontrollable factors is daunting, with a world of people anticipating the next temporary high or public announcement.

Between you and ‘us’, we get it, it’s pretty darn scary. Risky moves don’t make sense at this point and self-preservation results through fear. With that being said, a sobering reality exists for all – this too shall pass.

At JAW we are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to do business,  challenging old processes and bringing in new revenue streams through identified gaps and market trends.

We continue to be encouraged by our mantra of ‘Make it’.

Make it fun, make it brave, but most of all, make it happen – whatever ‘that’ may be.

Our proposition to you

We encourage you to make something. In this ‘down time’ whilst the world continues to fight the unknown while healing environmentally, we take inspiration from the latter and choose to grow. Grow through constructively challenging ourselves, our brands and our staff. We don’t choose to function from a place of fear but rather one of courage and creativity.

Take that courage and make something

Help a child in need, do a grocery run for the elderly lady next door, donate a blanket to the less fortunate, say a prayer for the world, feed that stray dog on the corner, talk to a friend about her anxiety – make a difference.

Furthermore, we challenge you to make something with those bright ideas you keep fighting off amidst the thick of fear and budget conservation – let us help you nurture thoughts into what could be the next campaign or rebrand!

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

We at JAW want to help you MAKE SOMETHING, pop us a mail and let’s MAKE IT TOGETHER.

In the spirit of South Africa, we are stronger together…

Whatever you do, make it count and write the story you would be proud to tell!


Monique De Ascensao
Client Service Director

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