My Life in Work

Owner and Creative Director at JAW Design and founder of the Designed To Change Initiative, Jeni-Anne Campbell shares her business-life insights within the Design, Advertising, Events and Marketing space. A real-life account of entrepreneurial challenge and success.

Peel back the label with Jeni-Anne Campbell

Peel back the label

My bestie, Tam, got married last month – yay! And I was obvs her maid of honour… or dishonour as she called it. There were two bridesmaids; one of which was Tam’s closest friend at school, Eve. We all went to primary and high school together, but I hadn’t seen Eve in 18 years… and…

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Charity Design Johannesburg

Help People Who Help People

“A MARSHMALLOW DIPPED IN CHILLI SAUCE” That’s how my brother described me in his wedding speech over 10 years ago. At the time I though, “Marshmallow? I’m not soft!”, “Chilli? I don’t have a bite!”… It was only as I got older that I realised this was not an insult at all; it was quite…

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Confidence in Business

There are those who Cut The Queue and those who Stand in It

Our flight was boarding at 16H00. “We have loads of time”, she said at 15H55. So we continued to walk at a leisurely pace towards the gate where the expected long, winding queue awaited us. Side note: That’s a concept that’s always baffled me. Why don’t we all just sit a bit longer? Standing in…

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