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JAW is a Global Marketing and Advertising Agency, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We promise to make something of your brand and your budget! Based in South Africa comes with its perks of being an affordable currency for global brands to make budget-friendly decisions. Our scale and location means nothing when it comes with the promise of expert delivery complemented with our committed, passionate and talented team. We are a diverse and experienced team with no border control.

Boasting an array of global clients ranging from Financial Services Providers to Restaurant chains, we provide value for money, packed with a kick-ass solution.

JAW Design prides itself in providing strategically inclined concepts. Design that is world-class, driven by strong overarching concepts, and implemented with strategic thought and attention to detail. Our team of skilled designers, conceptualisers, strategists, researchers, copywriters, developers, and account managers therefore delivering local and global marketing services.

While we are based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our location really only means one thing – location and good value for your investment! There are no bounds to our brains and insights! With virtual being the new way of life, this means we are everywhere (and have been for a while – successfully)!

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JAW Design offers the following services:

  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Branding
  • Advertising: Print, Radio & TV, Digital
  • Creative Design
  • UX, UI, Web Design & Programming
  • Internal Marketing
  • Digital Solutions
  • Social Media
  • Event Design
  • Virtual Event implementation
  • Production: Direction, Editing and Animation
  • World class Presentations: PowerPoint and Keynote

Small, means ‘boutique’

We are your partner, we are your team mate! We are not just the supplier but rather the extension of your team and that means forming authentic relationships with a common goal.

Meaningful relationships

We form real relationships that allow us to understand your business needs. Big or small, here or there, we make it happen.

Senior involvement

There’s no ego when it comes to JAW, we are all well versed and experienced in each of our fields of expertise.

One size does ‘not’ fit all

We make sure that chemistry is not only in science – and that the team chosen for you, will suit you. We will have a look at your objectives and select the right people to deliver on just that. No fit – no go!

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Head Office

Johannesburg: + 27 11 447 4589

201 Sherwood House, Green Acres Office Park. Victory Park

Global Offices

Sydney: +61 468 860 397

London: +44 7508 182842

New York: +1 917 863 2955