Internalisation Campaign

A company’s most important clients are its employees. Without true belief in a product, how can one successfully sell it? JAW designs and creates internalisation campaigns which create a sense of belief, partnership and ownership.

FNB Employment Equity

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” – Maya Angelo

What makes us different is what actually makes businesses work. Diversity is a good thing. Some people are good with figures, some people are good with other people, some people can’t see the big picture but they’re great with detail, some people are the opposite.

Diversity is actually a strength. Even the narrow definition of diversity brings strength into an organisation. You need a good mix of ethnicities, genders and personalities to create a diverse group with a good understanding.

This brief was primarily a strategic one. JAW put together the year’s campaign strategy and communication plan, supported by the concept development and design for all touch points put forward in the plan. The campaign was rolled out internally on Group level and proved most successful.