Branding & Design


Who is ICAS?

ICAS is a global company that centres itself around employee wellbeing, awareness and corporate performance, enabling businesses to boost profits and retain top talent. ICAS provides the most comprehensive range of preventative care and counselling services both locally and Internationally

The brief:

Refresh the brand to make it stand out more by resonating with its offerings, impactfully. Create a brand look that communicates professionalism whilst maintaining a strong human approachability to it.

Our challenge:

Taking a brand that sells an intangible asset and making it real and impactful, both globally and locally. Aligning it to meet both markets needs whilst ensuring they remain separate but are still recognisable as ICAS.

Our task was to refresh the look and feel both locally and internationally which included redoing the ci manual, re-skinning the creative for the app’s and website all while creating a brand that resonated a leadership role with heart.

Our Solution:

Make it look good, representative of the incredible work that ICAS does. Keep it real and approachable – all while ensuring the leadership role ICAS holds in the market is resonated in the look and feel.

How we did it:

  • Evolutionised the logo
  • Developed a new brand visual identity and CI guidelines for both local and international markets
  • Developed creative content to support the website and app