Integrated Marketing


JAW Design has vast experience in Integrated Marketing and Commercials. We have a deep understanding of integrated marketing campaigns; from digital & in-store, through to internalisation and social marketing material.


Who is pudo?

pudo is a revolutionary smart locker system designed to make courier convenient and contactless. It is super simple and lekker quick, giving you the opportunity to get almost anything, anywhere in the country


The brief:

Localize an international brand, originating from Spain to meet the South African flavour. Our task was to create an exciting integrated campaign that would raise awareness and drive app downloads


Finding the right courier service for small delivery demands can be a tricky process. Factors such as urgency, safety, convenience are just some of the considerations taken when utilising such services.

With the rise of next and same-day deliveries, customers expect a lot in terms of delivery, complemented with a pandemic encouraging contact avoidance, the courier is faced with an even greater challenge of becoming equally convenient but, contactless too.

Our challenge:

A global pandemic and a glaring objective of making courier sexy. Not to mention disrupting a conservative market accustomed to conventional courier solutions.

Our Solution:

Communicate the convenience and contactless benefits pudo brings to the courier, but in a fun and memorable way. Our approach needed an integrated channel mix to make sure we achieved the highest reach possible.

How we did it:

  • Developed brand assets to introduce pudo
  • Created a series of Integrated Campaigns around comedic relief with a well-known celebrity comedian, Schalk Bezuidenhout
  • Developed a social media content plan
  • Created engaging and simple website and app content
  • Supported by a series of radio adverts and some shweet TV Adverts–all stitched together with a PR and influencer campaign.