How to Build an Organic Social Media Plan

Social media is a powerful marketing tool but if not aligned to your overall brand strategy or done inconsistently, your brand reputation can be negatively impacted. Let JAW maximise your organic social reach & visibility by doing what we do best – providing compelling content & strategic execution coupled with beautiful creative – to ensure purposeful, impactful & memorable content that provides an engaging brand experience for your customers.

6 Strategic Reasons


Paid social media may be the best way for brands to target new audiences on social media, and ultimately convert them into customers, but once captured brands will need a vehicle to connect, engage and retain these new customers. Combining paid and organic social media marketing can accelerate brand growth and drive brand loyalty in the long term.

So how exactly can an organic social media presence compliment your paid social media strategy?

Here are 6 key ways:

Builds your brand’s distinctive identity

Having a strong social media presence gives your brand the opportunity to create a recognisable look & feel, tone, personality & identity. Consistent online activity will quickly establish your brand’s values & purpose to your target audience in an authentic way, & bring your brand top of mind.

Builds an engaged community

Paid social media content can be used efficiently for reach, to build awareness & lead generation. However, organic content helps to credibly connect you with your audience. When a consumer feels connected, they become more loyal to your brand.

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91% Stat Square

Boosts your brand’s relevance & credibility

If a user sees a paid advert for your brand online & likes what they see, they will most likely be prompted to visit your social profiles. Without an organic strategy, the lack of followers, average likes & engagement can take away from your credibility. 51% of consumers research a business on the internet – including on their social media profiles – before buying. Your organic social content should strive to create a positive impression on any potential customers that may be evaluating your company. Stat from here.

Provides a cost-effective brand building solution

Effective organic social content doesn’t require a big budget, but it does require creativity, transparency & attention-grabbing content. The reach & success of your social content are only limited by your brand’s creativity.

Helps increase your Search Engine Optimisation

Social media does not directly contribute to SEO ranking, but the links you share across social platforms increase brand exposure. Frequently updating your profiles with appropriate links can help you show up in relevant search results. Any shares, likes, & comments your posts receive are vital signals which Google & other search engines use to rank your website.

Provides a forum for Customer Care & feedback

67 percent of consumers have actively reached out to business social media pages for help. If customers go to your page for help but see you haven’t posted an update in months– they may assume the page is abandoned & you would instantly lose a connection point. Monitoring the conversations on your social channels can also help you to understand what is important to your customers & what their struggles are, which can help you to create content & solutions to address their pain points. Stat from

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How JAW can help

JAW can help increase engagement, brand loyalty & drive increased sales from your social media channels. At JAW we offer the perfect mix of organic social strategy & content creation services. Let JAW maximise your organic social reach & visibility through our bespoke services.


Social Media audit & research

Understand the current trends, your competitors, standard practice & industry norms, target audience expectations, most effective posting times & frequency for your content.


Comprehensive content calendar

Determine the content pillars for your brand, decide on frequency & timing & build a monthly calendar of engaging content.


Content writing, design & animation of posts

Targeted social media content ideas, copywriting & attention-grabbing design & animation elements to deliver maximum impact & results.


Posting & scheduling

Publish, share & schedule planned & tactical ad hoc posts.


Community building & management

Promote community engagement, encourage conversations, respond to queries & comments & proactively manage negative feedback.


Monthly management & performance reporting

Monthly performance reporting to track, measure & refine content, scheduling & engagement to maximise ROI.

Cost Structures

Figures to be determined based on the scope of work.

If you haven’t started integrating organic social content into your overall marketing strategy yet, you’re already behind the curve with more than 91% of brands already active on more than one social media platform (

So contact JAW for a personalised quote today.





  • Monthly retainer fee
  • Cost per post based on an approved content calendar
  • 6 month reduced rate – payable upfront for the full scope (1 – 6)