The start of the internet is now so long past that it is viewed with nostalgia by millennials who remember it and curiosity by the generations that missed it. And really, it was the beginnings crypto too – this entirely new way to look at finance through the digital eyes of 2021 has its roots in the days of dial-up. So while we shy away from the usual crypto tropes, the world of home-design in MS Word opens up fresh and unmistakeable symbols of tech.

This look retains Crypto Banter’s playful personality and innate understanding of crypto culture and combines it with a hyper-contemporary style most often associated with streetwear.

The result is out-of-category branding that elevates geekdom to cult status and shows the understanding that what the mainstream sees as bad taste, is considered high-art by the fringe.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with various companies to elevate their brands. We believe that our experience, coupled with our skill and strategic creative will prove valuable to the Crypto Banter brand and its marketing potential. We at JAW are not your supplier, but your partner in creating communication that matters – we care about our clients and the differences they make in the world, therefore, partnering with clients that resonate with our sentiments, is what we do.

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