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We’re a Marketing Agency in Johannesburg

We promise to make something of your brand and your budget! A promise we live by and deliver on. From strategy and concept, through to execution and delivery. Our committed, passionate and talented team make it happen.

We pride ourselves on strategically designed concepts. Design that is world class, driven by a strong overarching concept, and implemented with strategic thought and attention to detail.

World class creative solutions

The true essence of our business lies in our people – our tribe of fierce females, all of whom possess their own unique skill sets of awesomeness. Ranging from kick ass designers, conceptualisers, strategists, copywriters, developers, and account managers. This powerful combination results in a keen delivery of marketing services at the highest level of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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We offer these services:

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Advertising: Print, Radio & TV, Digital
  • Creative Direction, Art Direction, Illustration, Design & DTP
  • UX, UI, Web Design & Programming
  • Internal Marketing
  • Digital Solutions: from Social Media Campaigns to Direct Marketing
  • Event Design
  • Production: Direction, Editing and Animation
  • Dynamic Presentations: PowerPoint and Keynote


Without strategic alignment, we would be creating meaningless wallpaper. JAW ensures that all the creative produced, works hand-in-hand with the marketing strategy to MAKE AN IMPACT!



Your brand’s image creates a first impression, as important as a person’s appearance when we first meet them. JAW creates visual identities that reflect both the service and heart the brand.



What good is a message if it isn’t received? Through media partnerships, JAW ensures the correct media placement for you message. MAKING SURE YOU ARE HEARD.



A company’s most important clients are its employees. Without true belief in a product, how can one successfully sell it? JAW creates campaigns to create a sense of belief, partnership and ownership.


Digital Solutions

We can’t deny the profound impact the digital environment is making on advertising and the amazing platforms it provides. JAW’s online gurus are constantly exploring new ways of maximising online exposure.


Virtual and Live events

An opportunity to MAKE CONNECTIONS! JAW offers virtual and life events and conferences, from conceptualisation, branding, marketing and implementation. We deliver one-of-a-kind experiences.


From TV and radio commercials, to high-end videos and
animations. JAW’s in-house production arm, Breadbin Productions (run by award-winning director Garon Campbell) brings our ideas to life!

Our Approach

Our approach is a marriage of purpose driven strategy and world-class creative, to deliver cool sh*t with brain. Every project is an opportunity to make a difference and leave a lasting impact.

We believe in collaboration, consideration and creative insight working closely with our clients, listening to their goals and understanding their unique needs. We take the time to research and explore different possibilities, looking for new and innovative ways to approach each challenge. And through this, we bring our own creativity and expertise, resulting in solutions that are not only effective, but also visually striking and memorable.

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We think. We chat. We think. We eat. We think. We shower. We think. We wake up at 4am and make sure we have a notepad ready for all the thinking. We immerse ourselves in the brand and the challenge.



Mom always told us that there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

You know your brand, so we ask you. The market thinks they know, so we ask them. We research and ask – so that we can answer the consumers’ questions before they think of them, through strategic solutions based on sound insight.



Strategy and Creative work hand-in-hand to develop messages and mechanisms that resonate with the consumer on a real level. We package our message with appropriately gorgeous wrapping to delight, entice and surprise the recipient.



Mom also told us that no one is perfect. It’s important to take stock and reflect. Campaign audits ensure that we celebrate successes and learn from our mistakes, and adjust accordingly.

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“It’s not about having time, it’s about making time”

Why do anything in life if you’re not going to do it properly?

We always MAKE time!

Charity Work

A major part of our business is our CSI initiative called Designed To Change, which Jeni-Anne co-founded 3 years ago, which aims to

“Help People Who Help People”.

Charity Design Marketing Creative
Designed To Change South Africa

We call on all creatives to volunteer their time to provide their particular set of skills (Liam Neeson-style). Designed To Change joins forces with creatives and corporates who have the skills or resources to help us build charity brands. We create strong visual identities and campaigns that effectively position NPOs with a credible and professional image for gaining the trust and assurance of prospective funders/supporters.

As part of this initiative, if JAW works on any CSI initiative for a corporate, we pledge 10% of profits to go back into studio to help a smaller charity through Designed To Change.

If you would like to get involved or know of a charity in need, please get in touch on info@designedtochange.org


It’s all about the chemistry, really… magic happens when the instruments work together or the flavours mix.

We pride ourselves on mixing with the right people (we take a lot of advice from our moms). We become fully invested in the brands we serve, and we become committed to the people we work with. We make a point of not getting mixed up in the wrong crowd. No fit, no go.


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